Educate in values. The tolerance

Educate in values. The tolerance

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Being tolerant is the same as being respectful, forgiving, and considerate of others. It is a personal quality that is defined as the respect for ideas, beliefs or practices of others, even if they are different or contrary to ours.

To be tolerant is to accept and allow the circumstances or differences of others, it is not to prevent them from doing what they want, it is to admit difference or diversity. For children to establish good relationships with their peers, it is necessary that they learn to be tolerant from a very young age. Discover how to educate your child in values, specifically, how to educate you on the value of tolerance.

Tolerance plays a very important role in children's relationships with their peers and with their family. It is important that they listen to the ideas and opinions of their friends, that they accept their criteria even if they are different from their own, and that they manage to agree with their peers during a game, in an activity or in a classroom. Tolerance helps them to have a good integration in a group or team.

The child is not born tolerant. His natural behavior is that everything is for himself, and that everyone agrees with him, so it is essential that the learning process about tolerance begins very early.

The example of parents is the best tool they can use to instill values ​​in their children's education. Tolerance is an important value for the proper development of the child's social relationships. The child can learn to be tolerant:

- When their parents are too

- Through tales and stories

- For the activities it develops

- Through games

- In living with other children

- Learning to respect differences

- Knowing different cultures

- Through family trips

- Knowing the benefits of conciliation, of peace

- Sharing, without fighting

- Learning not to make fun of others

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- Stories and songs to share values. Children's Ed.

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