The bowling lie. Modern fable for children

The bowling lie. Modern fable for children

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The Boliche lie is a modern fable for children that tells us about the importance of tell the truth always, as otherwise it will make us feel bad about ourselves, and we can hurt to other people.

Teach the child that lying is not a solution to problems it is critical to your self-esteem. Lying not only does not get us out of trouble, but causes new ones.

Telling the truth is liberating, and so the Bowling mouse teaches us in this fable.

In teacher Lechuza's class, the bowling mouse he had just sat down at the back desk. He had forgotten to do his homework and hoped they weren't asked.

He tried to hide behind his companion, the Spike hedgehog, to go unnoticed.

But the teacher saw him and asked him:

- Bowling, do you have today's exercises?

- No, I have not been able to do them - answered the mouse, thinking the way to get out of trouble.

- Why?

- Well ... because yesterday I spent all afternoon preparing my bags - the little mouse lied with the first thing that occurred to him.

- Preparing your bags? Are you going on a trip?

Faced with this questioning, Boliche began to feel uncomfortable, but he went ahead with his tale.

- Um ... well ... is that this weekend I will go to the lake with my grandmother.

- Oh yeah? Which lake will you go to?

Boliche noticed that his ears were burning and his face was turning red.

- Umm… I don't remember ..

- But is it very far from here?

- Oh yes… very far away! many miles away ... - answered the little mouse in a hurry - I won't be back until Monday.

- Well, Monday bring homework without fail - warned the teacher.

Bowling thought that it was all over, when suddenly his deskmate, the mouse Crispin, exploded into a inconsolable crying.

- Buaá, buaá

- Why are you crying, Crispin? - Bowling asked.

- Because you were going to help me prepare my birthday party on Saturday and if you go with your grandmother until Monday you will miss everything!

- Buáaa, buáa

- Poor Crispin! - Boliche thought - And what a bad time I'm going through don't tell the truth! It would have been much better to say it from the beginning!

So the bowling mouse confessed to the teacher that he had forgotten to do his homework, and that he had made up the thing about the lake so he wouldn't scold him. He consoled his friend Crispin by saying that he would be with him to help him at the party.

MORALEJA: The truth, the first timefrees from many messes.

It is useless to read very fast if we don't understand lor that we are reading. On the other hand, reading too slowly makes it difficult to understand the text. Hence, reading speed is important in order to develop good reading comprehension.

Here we leave you some questions so you can find out if your son has understood the fable from The Boliche Lie:

- Why did Boliche lie?

-What excuse did Boliche give for not having done his homework?

- Why do you think the teacher asked her so many questions?

- Why did your friend Crispin cry?

- Do you think Boliche has done well by lying?

- Why did you tell the teacher the truth?

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