A tale about the reason owls come out only at night

A tale about the reason owls come out only at night

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Beautiful tale of German tradition in which it is explained why owls only come out at night.

The whys of the world are one of the curiosities that children like the most, so introducing a little imagination into their lives, and leaving the more empirical side for another time, is a fun way to stimulate children's imagination.

A nice short story about the reason owls are nocturnal birds.

Many, many years ago, owls woke up every day at sunrise and lived with the rest of the diurnal birds.

His mission was color dye to the other birds of the forest. They gave beautiful and striking colors to the plumage of their companions, and all the birds were very happy with them because the owls were very conscientious in their work.

With their color palette they carefully designed each of the feathers and mixed, composed and chose each tone with great care so that each bird had its own color.

However, sometimes, they were wrong and the plumages were very similar.

The crow, which had a beautiful immaculate white suit, did not want to risk being painted for fear of looking like other birds, so it always kept away from the owl.

But one day, convinced by the suggestive colors that her flight companions possessed, she decided to approach the owl and ask you for a new color. She wanted its plumage to be very original, not like that of any other bird, not to look at all, not even close to others. He put so much effort into that request that the owl spent a long time wondering what colors he could give it.

He thought about mixing many different shades, but realized that the birds of the tropics also had very attractive colors, the same happened with the peacocks, which he had endowed with such beautiful plumage that it was almost unmatched.

The owl wanted to be so original that it only occurred to him that in the simplicity of the color he would find something different, so he decided to paint the crow all black, a color that no bird had entirely in its feathers.

- You can be proud crow - said the owl - you have a plumage that no other bird has.

The crow looked at its reflection in the river, and seeing its feathers as black as coal, it flew into a rage and decided get revenge on owl.

Since then, crows have messed with owls whenever they get a chance, and that's why owls hide by day and they only show their feathers when they are protected by the darkness of the night, when the crows sleep.

If you want to find out if your son has understood the story, you can ask these questions. They are reading comprehension exercises that will help the child to better understand what he has read and to realize if he has really understood the entire text well.

- What did owls do?

- At the beginning of time, when did owls come out, day or night?

- Why didn't the crow wanted to be painted by the owl?

- Why was the crow angry?

- Why do owls hide during the day?

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