Should our children believe in the Magi?

Should our children believe in the Magi?

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These days, a friend jokingly commented to us, outside the presence of our children: 'What a way to fool our children with this of the Three Kings, the Pérez Mouse, the goblins!' ... So I wondered if it is good or not to encourage these types of beliefs in our children, since sincerity is fundamental in our relationship with them.

In most families, the popular beliefs that we transmit from parents to children and that are a defining part of our culture and tradition are usually followed, but why we do so does not always have an easy explanation.

Perhaps we do it because of our happy childhood memories, or because we do not break with a tradition of years, or we simply don't even think about it. The fact is that the Magi or Santa Claus are there to help us maintain and promote the illusion and fantasy of our children.

Keeping these traditions alive will help our children learn about their culture and incorporate imagination and fantasy into their development as individuals.

Imagination resides in our mind and thanks to it there is art and literature. On the other hand, most psychiatrists consider it very healthy for children to believe in the Three Kings or other traditions, as long as it is not exaggerated or we insist on its authenticity when our child is reasonably suspected or discovers the truth. true.

Although we may be caught 'red-handed' in the task of placing the gifts under the tree, we should not consider that we are deceiving our children, but that we are enhancing their fantasy, just as we do when we play with them or tell them stories and tales invented.

Fantasy is essential for the emotional development of children and we must take advantage of any excuse to empower it and involve ourselves in it with all our illusion.

It is a great time to get closer to the inside and I do not think that the idea that it is traumatic to believe in the Three Kings can be defended simply because one day our children discover the truth.

Furthermore, I think that from that moment on, adults will be able to participate and become accomplices with us in transmitting and keeping the illusion alive in the little ones. The arrival of the Three Kings or Santa's sleigh by camel should be a special moment for the whole family. Don't we grown-ups like gift exchanges or family reunions?

We must be at the service of 'their majesties' these days to meet the expectations that our children have on them because, although we can teach our children the great needs that other people in the world have and we are not at the service of consumerism and excessive materialism, our children will not be prepared to give up the desired gift.

We must satisfy as much as possible the hopes they have in obtaining that gift they want with enthusiasm and joy.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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