How to plan Christmas with a newborn

How to plan Christmas with a newborn

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If the daily life of a family with a newborn is complicated, much more so during the Christmas holidays where celebrations, meetings and dinners take place.

The exhaustion and lack of sleep of the first days with the baby are joined by days in which they eat and stay up late. But, How do you survive Christmas with a newborn baby?

During the postpartum period, moms do not usually feel like partying, we just want to take advantage of any moment to take a nap or rest from the rhythm that the baby imposes on us, however, if we organize ourselves we can enjoy Christmas, how ?:

- Let yourself be helped: Grandparents, friends, or other loved ones can lighten the burden of homework for parents.

- Leaving home: if we add to the daily tasks that of preparing Christmas dinner and having the house well placed to receive guests, we will be doubling the stress. So it is convenient to go out to dinner outside the home, the baby can sleep comfortably in his cuckoo if the house where you dine does not have a cot. Also, that way we won't have to wait for the guests to leave.

- Quiet celebrations: These are not dates to go to noisy places with a lot of noise. It is more convenient to enjoy a quiet dinner with the family.

- Keep the routine: Follow the eating and sleeping routine that you do at home as much as possible. If you try to lengthen the feedings or the baby's bedtime, it is possible that the child feels hunger or tiredness and is irritable.

- The shots: It is advisable to move away from the place where the whole family is and to breastfeed the baby in a quiet place where the baby is not upset and can take the feeding relaxed.

In case the baby is already a few months old, we can sit him in his chair or in a high chair where he can entertain himself by looking at the lights of the Christmas tree, other children playing if there are any or the elderly while they enjoy dinner.

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