My mother went to heaven and still hasn't come back

My mother went to heaven and still hasn't come back

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It is very difficult to explain to children the death of a loved one. It is difficult to make them understand that life is not always fair and that good things do not happen to everyone who is good, that children also die and that their mothers and fathers also.

Accidents and illnesses are part of life, and it is hard to see how children must face these things with their gaze of innocence.

To us like parents We have the most complicated task, explaining to a child where that loved one has gone. Children's minds are not always prepared to understand this absence and they interpret the facts as best they can.

This is the story of one of those children who he has lost his mother, with only five years, and how he lives his grief.

A Poignant story that opens a small light of hope in the sadness of the child, and that is inspired by a real fact.

One day Jerry's mother got sick and went to the hospital, but never comeback.

His father, full of pain, explained that his mother had gone to heaven, but Jerry did not understand that he would never see her again; so Jerry waited for her day after day, but her mother never came back. So jerry decided to call the police, for them to find her, he was very worried because his mother had not returned yet.

Officer Tommy Lee picked up the phone, who upon hearing the boy's problem felt his pain, and wanted to give you some advice to feed his hope: he told the boy to write a letter to his mother, tie it to a red balloon, and send it to heaven so that she could read it.

Jerry wrote a letter each month to his mother hoping sometime to receive a response, however the answer did not come, so Jerry called the policeman again to tell him that he was very disappointed and distressed that his mother did not answer.

The officer asked him not to stop sending the letters, which his mother would surely read.

But Tommy was not calm with his answer, so he decided surprise him so as not to disappoint the child. One morning the officer decided to appear in front of Jerry's house with a delegation of motorcycle police officers, each of them carrying a bunch of red balloons. They were the red balloons that Jerry had supposedly sent his mother to heaven.

Tommy approached the boy and confirmed that his mother read all the letters she sent him and that he wanted to continue receiving them, and handed him one letter from his mother, which he himself had written seeking information from his father, teachers and friends to find out more about him.

In the letter she told him that she loved him very much and that she was very proud and happy with the results of the school, and gave her a gift so that keep sending pictures and letters to heaven.

So Jerry wrote and sent drawings to his mother for a long time fueled by the hope that his mother would always read them.

Without a doubt, a precious gesture of love towards someone who suffers death of a loved one.

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