Allergies in children

Allergies in children

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Allergy is an immune response or overreaction to substances that are generally not harmful. The allergy is caused by a highly sensitive immune system, which leads to the wrong immune response. Normally, the immune system protects the body from harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses. An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system reacts to certain substances (allergens), which are normally harmless, and which in most people do not produce an immune response.

The symptoms of allergies in children can be more or less intense. Most people have mild, non-life-threatening symptoms, while others have a more severe and dangerous reaction known as anaphylaxis.

Some related diseases With allergies in children, they manifest through the skin or respiratory system. Among the most common are skin eczema and asthma.

The reason for these conditions is that the most common allergens are present in some environmental agents that come in contact with the skin, the respiratory tract or the surface of the eyes such as pollen, mold, dander and dust. Similarly, allergic reactions can be caused by insect bites, jewelry, cosmetics, and other substances that come into contact with the body.

Spring allergy. Spring allergies often appear in childhood and have a high genetic component, that is, the allergy is inherited. As spring approaches, seasonal allergies and spring asthenia begin.

Food intolerances. Food allergies are a very common disorder in childhood. Learn about the foods that most cause allergies and intolerances in children. Milk, eggs, fish, nuts or wheat are some of them.

Skin allergies. The delicate skin of children reacts against the substance in question and causes dermatitis, itching, rash, eczema, psoriasis, inflammation, redness ... Skin allergies occur when a substance comes into contact with the body, whether they are animals , food, medicine, insects, chemical elements or even the sun.

Allergies to certain foods. The most common childhood food allergies. Characteristics of childhood food allergies. Symptoms of food allergies of children.

Nickel allergies. Nickel metal allergy can be due to contact or ingestion of the metal. Depending on this, the symptoms will be one or the other. If it is by contact with the skin, the allergic reaction is usually a rash or dermatitis. It is a chronic disease that has peaks of higher and lower incidence.

Drug allergies in children. Drug allergies in children. Drug allergies in children. Allergic reactions to medicines and drugs in children. Symptoms and treatment of drug allergies in children.

Dust allergy in children. One of the most common and bothersome respiratory allergies among children is allergy to dust mites. It is also not a seasonal allergy. It is present throughout the year. But what are mites? Where are they? What can we do to avoid this childhood allergy to house dust?

Child allergies to insect bites. Allergy of children to insect bites. During the summer season, the activity of certain insects such as wasps, bees, flies or mosquitoes increases, and therefore there is a greater risk of suffering from bites and allergic reactions from the second sting.

Sun allergy in children. Child allergy. Sun allergy. Among allergic reactions to the sun, two types must be distinguished: one is solar urticaria, which is triggered directly by the sun, and the other is the photoallergic reaction, which is caused by other substances when they come into contact with sunlight. .

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