Monkey Parcheesi. Modern fable for children

Monkey Parcheesi. Modern fable for children

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Many children do not like to lose in the game, they get angry and stop playing because they cannot assume losing.

For all those children who are bad losers, and who do not accept frustration, María O'Donnell has written Monkey Parcheesi, a modern fable with a moral for children.

One summer afternoon, like every Friday, four monkeys They were playing Parcheesi under a palm tree. They were Micolás and his friends: the triplets. "Clack, clack" sounded the dice, moving inside the cup.

- It's your turn Mico, you're the blue one!

- A six! I think I'm going to beat you, ha ha - laughed the confident little monkey.

"We'll see that," the triplets answered.

Mico was advancing his blue token on the board. It looked champion. He had already reached the finish line with the other three, and only the last one was missing. He moved the goblet and another six came out. Danger.

The triplets warned him - If you roll that number again, you will have to bring the token back to the beginning.

"I know," Mico said, grabbing the goblet tightly and wishing one, two, three, four or five would come out. But no, he got the happy six again!

So, Micolás got mad very much. He yelled at the triplets that they were cheats. He tossed the board into the air, leaving all the grass covered in colored tiles. Then he climbed from palm tree to palm tree and screamed away.

The triplets were very sad, and talking among themselves, they commented: - He always does the same to us; if he loses, he gets angry and spoil the game. From now on, we will not count on him.

The following Friday, Mico heard the "clack, clack" of the goblet and went to the palm tree. The triplets had started the game without warning him. Ashamed of what had happened the last time, he hid behind some leaves and watched them play. He saw that they had a lot of fun and that when someone lost they didn't take it badly, it was part of the game.

Mico approached the triplets, who upon seeing him regretful, opened the circle to leave him the color blue. Then, Mico told them: - I'm sorry friends, I want to learn to play like you, please teach me.

Moral: "In the game you have to enjoy, it does not matter so much to lose or win"

Reading comprehension helps us to know if the child has understood what he has read. It is one of the most important parts of the initiation to reading, You not only have to understand each word of the sentences, but also the complete meaning of the text.

So you can find out if your son has understood the story and his moral, we leave you a few questions about him.

- What game did the monkeys play?

- How many monkeys were there?

- What was the name of the monkey that got angry?

- Why didn't the triplets want to play with the monkey Mico again?

- In the end, why did they let Mico play again?

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