How to know if it is menstruation or pregnancy implantation bleeding

How to know if it is menstruation or pregnancy implantation bleeding

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When we think of a pregnancy, any type of bleeding can alarm us and make us think that something is not right. Although sometimes that bleeding does not have to be negative as it happens in the case of implantation bleeding.

Sometimes it can even be confused with the rule, on our site we explain how to differentiate menstruation from implantation bleeding during pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding is light bleeding that occurs a few days before menstruation and can be confused with it, although it is actually one of the first symptoms of pregnancy.

When a sperm manages to reach and fertilize an egg, it begins a journey towards the uterus where it attaches itself to the wall of the endometrium, which are the tissues that line the uterus or womb.

In this process, some capillaries can break, giving rise to what is known as implantation bleeding.

Once nested in the uterus, the embryo is formed that will have the necessary nutrients and oxygen to be able to develop. These nutrients will be obtained through the mother's blood and for this it needs to adhere to the lining of the endometrium.

Implantation bleeding is slight vaginal bleeding that occurs a few days after implantation has occurred. Taking into account the ovulation period, it is estimated that implantation bleeding would take place just before the menstrual period, so it is easy to confuse it with menstruation and not identify it as a pregnancy symptom.

This bleeding does not occur in all pregnancies. Experts estimate that it occurs in about one in three pregnant women. If it occurs, it can last from several hours to several days with small intermittent spots.

Implantation bleeding is very light, intermittent, and pink, brown, or red in color but much less intense than menstrual bleeding. We can appreciate it when cleaning ourselves after going to the bathroom or in our underwear.

It does not require medical treatment or specific measures to take into account.

Along with implantation bleeding, it is also common to present these other early symptoms of pregnancy such as: mood swings, menstrual cramps, headaches or nausea.

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