Benefits of early stimulation in premature babies

Benefits of early stimulation in premature babies

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Today, I think the term is familiar to everyone premature, but still it seems appropriate to begin by emphasizing the definition of what a premature baby is. Furthermore, I think it is of great importance given the high percentage of babies, who are born prematurely in recent times.

A premature baby is one in which the pregnancy does not reach term, that is, it is born before the 37th week of gestation. Within the subject I think it is convenient to also talk about the big premature, which are those born below the 30th week of gestation or weighing less than 1500 gr, and that they are the ones that need the most stimulation, since they have a worse prognosis for not having been able to mature well all their organs at the time.

We tell you what the benefits of early stimulation in premature babies for their proper development.

Having lacked that time and having to do it outside the womb, have a lag in their development, growth and maturity. From his birth, his chronological age, but if we count from the date on which they should have been born, we speak of their corrected age, which we will always take into account for their development.

Early stimulation for premature babies, as I understand it, would be a set of activities and techniques aimed at those children who have or do not have a gap in their development in which through play help, strengthen and adequately develop their human potential.

With this I do not want it to be understood as an activity in which we will try to get children ahead of their development, but quite the opposite, it is about helping children who need it and accompanying them in their development. That is, if a child at approximately 6 months has to be able to stay in a sitting position, if he is prepared, we will work to achieve it in an optimal way and to the maximum of his potential.

Between the benefits of early stimulation in premature we can highlight:

- They promote the physical, mental and social capacities of the child.

- Improves quality of life trying to take full advantage of the potential in the child's central nervous system (CNS).

- Prevents motor, psychological, cognitive and social disorders.

- With massage, and stimulation kinestheticIn addition, it is possible to improve both the weight, the height, as well as the sociability and irritability of the babies.

- In addition, with activities of social and vestibular stimulation (which are in charge of balance) the development of the autonomic nervous system is facilitated, which is reflected in fewer episodes of Apnea, very common in premature babies.

- Another benefit is related to the areas of interest, for example, for a baby to crawl it is necessary to control the so-called cross pattern, that is, the ability to coordinate his right hand with his left foot and vice versa and thus move forward. Well the crawling exercises they reinforce the crossover pattern and help improve coordination between the two hemispheres.

- Thanks to early stimulation we can more quickly detect future learning problems, or developmental disorders.

- And, of course, the most important: that the bond between mother-father-child is favored and reinforced.

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