The horse with skates. Funny poems for kids

The horse with skates. Funny poems for kids

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This short poem, The horse with skates, is a short story in verse that tells of an original horse that gallops on four skates. Other horses like the idea of ​​skating so much that it ends up making it fashionable.

A very funny poetry to read with the children and encourage them in the taste for stories. And it is that, through funny poems for kids we can promote the pleasure of reading.

A very black horse

it has gleaming manes,

and gallops very happy

with four white skates.

Pirouette in the air

demonstrating their skill,

other horses look at it

with envy and with surprise.

How much fun

and he has such a good time,

mares and horses

they also want to learn.

Create a school in the field,

there he has made it fashionable,

the horses with skates,

is what takes now.

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