Right of children to play

Right of children to play

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The Declaration of the Rights of the Child signed in 1959 recognizes the children's right to play, to have fun and to recreational activities. We review all those basic rights of the child that unfortunately are not always fulfilled. Despite what we see on the news, children have the right to play.

The game, the recreational activities, the periods of fun and the enjoyment should be part of the childhood of any child. Today we see how in certain parts of the world children are deprived of this Right to play. And it is that playing is one of the defining aspects of childhood.

Under the premise that a child who plays is a healthy child, the Declaration of the Rights of the Child includes the Right to play as one of the Fundamental rights. If you are wondering why children need to play, we have a few reasons, as many as benefits we find in children's playful activities for their development.

Children should play and have fun because it is the basis of its development. Games promote the physical and intellectual development of children, promote their creativity and prepare them to live in society. Playful activities also ensure that our children have a healthy childhood on a physical and emotional level. For all that and much more, all children should play.

And yet we see how in many places children are snatch his childhood, taking them away from the fun and the carelessness typical of their age to turn them into untimely adults, performing functions that are not destined for children or for most adults. Together we must guarantee children a happy childhood.

The right of children to play is found in the Principle 7 of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child together with the Right to education. There are many parents who are empowered to guarantee all these Rights to their children but they do not know what they can do to commit to ensuring that all the children of the world enjoy a happy childhood.

The celebration of International Game Day It is an excellent measure to put pressure on governments around the world and attend to this fundamental Right. Playing is necessary for any child, the same as having a childhood of a child. And that is precisely what it is trying to promote with the celebrations of the Game Day.

Although logically, the protection of childhood begins with the closest children, getting involved in the promotion of play in schools or associations, playing with our children to enjoy as a family and promoting play between young and old. In no time, our entire environment will be checking the benefits of playing together with the children.

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