7 weird things you don't know about Halloween

7 weird things you don't know about Halloween

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The Halloween party is an Anglo-Saxon tradition that has already broken borders and is celebrated in different parts of the world. Children from all over the world dress up during the night of the dead and go trick-or-treating in their neighborhood.

It is possible that, despite celebrating the party, your children are unaware of these funny things about Halloween. They are curious facts that you can tell your children about this celebration.

1. The Halloween party that we celebrate today is a combination of celebrations of different cultures and religions that have been combined throughout history. Among them the ancient Celtic celebration Samhain, the Roman festival Feralia in honor of the dead and the Catholic tradition of All Saints' Day.

2. Why is it typical to dress up? It is a tradition that arises in the Celtic people as fway to hide from spirits they believed would return at this time of year. They wore masks and costumes so that ghosts would think they were too.

3. Formerly, pumpkins were not emptied and turned into lanterns, they did it with turnips. And it is that, the traditional Celtic story of Jack O'Lantern speaks of a carved turnip in which a little burning coal was put to illuminate. When the Irish and Scots arrived in America, squash was more widely available than turnips and today's lantern squash was born.

4. The typical Halloween "trick or treat" comes from a medieval custom in England. In the celebration of All Souls Day, "souling", the poor knocked on the doors of the houses asking for food in exchange for saying prayers for dead relatives.

5. The history of Halloween also includes romances and loves. And the thing is, the Scottish girls hung wet sheets in front of the fire to know who would be their future husband according to the images that were formed. They also used to peel an apple at midnight into a single strip and throw it over their shoulder. They thought that the strip would fall forming a letter, which would be the initial of her future husband.

6. On Halloween it is decorated with orange because it is the color of the leaves in autumn and also black because it is the typical color associated with death. They are two colors that have been used for years to decorate at the Halloween party.

7. Halloween is the time of year that more candy is consumed in the United States. Children and adults cannot help but succumb to the pleasure of eating candy.

8. Black cats are closely associated with Halloween symbolismHowever, in the UK it is white cats that are associated with bad luck.

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