Pregnant after breast cancer

Pregnant after breast cancer

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Thanks to a ovarian tissue transplantation, a 39-year-old woman managed to become a mother of twins, after having passed a breast cancer. This is the first pregnancy that was successfully achieved in Spain through this technique.

According to the experts of the Reproduction Unit of the Valencian Institute of Infertility (IVI), where the technique was carried out, so far there have only been five healthy newborns in the world, after an ovarian tissue implant, although this would be the first to incorporate the two cryobiology techniques, that of oocyte vitrification and frozen ovarian tissue transplantation.

We explain what the technique that allows become pregnant after breast cancer.

The application of the technique follows some steps. First the tissue is removed and frozen or cortex, that is, the part of the right ovary of the patient that contains the follicles that, in turn, contain the immature oocytes.

This procedure is done before the woman starts treatment for chemotherapy and radiotherapy, thus guaranteeing their reproductive capacity. The fabric is stored at 196 degrees and can be stored for many years. When the cancer treatment is finished, the tissue reimplantation on her left ovary, allowing the woman to ovulate again.

Subsequently, an in vitro fertilization is carried out, an assisted reproduction technique, although according to doctors it is not impossible that there may be an natural pregnancy in cases of autotransplantation, and pregnancy is expected.

This important achievement of medicine opens a window of hope for many women who, due to having undergone harsh chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments to cure some type of cancer, saw any and all possibility of having children as very difficult and distant biological.

Getting pregnant after having passed a breast cancer, it is already possible.

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