The cloud and the agreement. Children's story about the importance of communication

The cloud and the agreement. Children's story about the importance of communication

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The need for communication with others is the basis of coexistence. Through dialogue the child can reach an understanding with those around him.

The cloud and the agreement is a story to teach children the need to agree and understand with others for better communication and agreementeven though they are very different from ourselves.

Winter was being very long. Mateo, Lucas and Simón had already been playing at home. The temperature seemed to rise and the days were beginning to get warmer. However, the rain showed no signs of wanting to give a truce. The three friends spent hours looking out the window hoping to see the sun rise and be able to go outside to ride their new bikes.

Lucas, tired of so much waiting, decided to put into practice one of the many tips that her grandmother gave her.

- We will go out and talk to the Mrs. Cloud. My grandmother always tells me that “speaking people understand each other” - she said.

It was then that Mateo, Lucas and Simón put on their raincoats and wellies. They were ready to talk and reach an agreement with Mrs. Cloud. They ran in the rain and reached the park. From there they looked up at the sky and called out to Mrs. Cloud.

- What do you want from me? - replied Mrs. Cloud.

- We want to stop crying - Simon answered.

"But creating water to irrigate the fields and wet the soil is my job," explained Mrs. Nube.

- And we want to be able to ride our bicycles - Mateo complained.

- That would be great, because from up here it amuses me a lot to see you play in the park. Your laughs make me very happy - said Mrs. Cloud.

- And how can we do it? We do not want fields and rivers run out of your water - Lucas worried.

- I have an idea. We will agree to set up shifts. I'll create rain for a while and you can play jump in my puddles. And then I'll take a break so you can ride your bikes, ”explained Mrs. Nube.

They all agreed and were very happy. Lucas, Mateo and Simón were not only going to be able to race their bikes, but they had also learned what to talk and dialogue with Mrs. Cloud had been the best solution to her problem.

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