10 tips to prepare your girl for her first period

10 tips to prepare your girl for her first period

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Themenarche It is the name given to that first rule that women have. It usually arrives between the ages of 10 and 16, and is caused by the beginning of activity in the ovaries and the production of hormones.

There have always beenmany taboos about the rule: It was said that you could not bathe, or that the mayonnaise was cut if you were next to it. The truth is that all this was forgotten in the mid-twentieth century and now girls live it withmore awareness than it really is, or at least what it should be.

The support of parents in those delicate moments is very important for the girl to live it as well as possible, so I leave you some tips to prepare the girl for her first period.

I remember withreal horror when my period came My mother had explained to me absolutely everything I needed to know about it and what it meant, I was even one of the last of my friends to have it, but it was still a traumatic event for me.

Maybe it was because he came to me during a wedding of some friends of my parents that I did not know, and to make matters worse, my mother was not there, only my father, with whom I did not usually talk about those things.

The fact is that I did not tell anyone anything and I spent part of the night going to the bathroom to put toilet paper onabsorbent mode, while I stood in a corner of the ballroom all night waiting for my father to finally take me home. I was very angry with the world and I rebelled against the fact thatbe a girl How lucky the boys were!

My mother finally arrived and I was able to tell her the reason for my monumental anger and talk to her about theinjustices of the natural world. The fact is that his words helped me a lot, and they helped me to pass the drink as well as possible and, although now that I am over 40 years old, I continue to take badly every time I get my period.

The parental support is crucial during the girls' first period, including the father's (if my father had talked to me about these things, he would not have found me so alone in those first moments).

The girl, although all that it entails has been explained to her, canfeeling disoriented and that is not what she expected.

HereI leave you some tips so, whether you are a father or mother, support and prepare the girl for her first period.

Recommendations to help your daughter with her first period

1. First of all, before that moment comes, tell him what it is, the why, and the consequences that it has, so that it is not a shock and scares. It is time to speak lightly about sexuality, since from that moment thefertile age, without making too much emphasis if the girl is very young because it will be the last thing she wants to hear now.

2. Congratulate the girl, since now it knows that it has a normal maturation of the body and of the reproductive capacity.

3. Avoid transmitting theNegative effects much less theoutdated myths.

4. Teach her to use tampons, pads, or a menstrual cup. It is not true that the measurements ofintimate hygiene that are introduced into the body cannot be used from the first rule. Tampons or a menstrual cup will make you pass your period without even knowing it and with a more normalized lifestyle.

5. Make him do all the activities he was doing with normal, if your abdomen does not hurt.

6. Thehygiene must be extreme during those days. Show him how.

7. Give him a calendar so you can write down the days of your period and how long they last, since the first two years can be a bit chaotic until regularization is finished.

8. It is recommended thatthe father get involved and participate of this event with total naturalness, serving as support to the mother.

9. Tell him about your experience so thatdon't feel alone And know that we've all had to go through that. Let her get angry, proud or lock herself in her room to think, she will need to express her emotions and you should not be angry or worry about it.

10. Recommend that from now onalways carry a tampon or padin your school backpack, as irregularity can make you pass bad times.

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