Monster hand for a child costume. Halloween crafts for kids

Monster hand for a child costume. Halloween crafts for kids

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If you are looking for a different and original children's costume, we suggest that you create it yourself in a very simple way. You do not need to know how to make or be an expert doing crafts, just give it love and desire to make Halloween crafts for children like this one.

It is a monster hand for a very easy and quick child costume to make, Although it can also be used to disguise yourself as a terrifying zombie. A very cheap recycling craft because you can use scraps or pieces of felt that you have at home. Follow our step by step to make this accessory to a homemade Halloween costume.


  • Green and purple felt
  • Red eva rubber
  • Green thread
  • Cotton
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Needle

1. Mark the child's hand on a purple felt cloth leaving space around it and cut it out.

2. Take the cut hand and use it as a template to make a similar one. Put one over the other and make a cut across the top of the fingers.

3. Cut out 5 triangles with green felt and glue them with the glue gun on the upper part of the fingers, remember to do it on the inside of the felt.

4. To give a greater impact of a zombie or monster hand to our Halloween craft, make some stitches with green thread on the sides of the hand.

5. Glue a little cotton on the knuckles, to make a hair effect and to finish, cut out some veins in red eva rubber and stick them on the front of the hand. You have your monster hand ready to disguise the child on Halloween !

And now learn the step by step of how to make those terrifying hands in this video from our site. An ideal craft to complement a monster or zombie costume for children.

Video: DIY Halloween Costume - Monster Mask. Easy Cardboard Crafts to Make at Home (July 2022).


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