La Negrita Cucurumbé. Cri-Crí song for children

La Negrita Cucurumbé. Cri-Crí song for children

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Francisco Gabilondo Soler, Better known as Cri-Crí was a Mexican singer-songwriter who focused his work on children's music. His songs have been heard for generations, especially in Mexico and Latin America. This time we show you a classic song of his authorship: La Negrita Cucurumbé.

A Cri-Crí song for children ideal for the little ones to get closer to the world of music. In addition, through them, dances and recreational games can be performed that motivate children to develop their body expression and increase their self-esteem. Don't miss out on this beautiful song to enjoy with the children!

La Negrita Cucurumbé

he went to bathe in the sea,

to see if in the white waves,

her little face could whiten.

La Negrita Cucurumbé

he approached the beach,

envying the shells

for its pale color.

I wanted to be white

Like the moon,

like foam

that has the sea.

A fish with a bowler hat

approached him,

and taking off the bomb

I greet her:

But help me Lord!

Well what don't you see

that you look pretty black like that

Bold Cucurumbé?

A fish with a bowler hat

approached him,

and wagging the tail

asked him:

But help me woman!

Well what don't you see

how pretty is your face,

Bold Cucurumbé?

We show you the video of the song "The bold cucurumbé", to help children learn the lyrics accompanied by their corresponding piece of music.

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Video: LA NEGRITA CUCURUMBÉ Cri-Cri - Guambao (July 2022).


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