Felicia and the moon. Children's story about happiness

Felicia and the moon. Children's story about happiness

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This children's story is a perfect story to teach children how happiness is in little things and, each one finds happiness in different things or circumstances.

Felicia and the moon tells the story of a girl who saw how the moon disappeared a little from the sky every day. The moon seemed sad and lifeless, but Felicia and her friends found a way to make her happy, they just had to do one very, very simple thing. Find out in this story for children about happiness how they did it.

The moon face was very pale, it seemed to diminish at times and was sad. Felicia discovered it one day by chance.

- What will happen to him? - The surprised girl wondered.

From that day on, every night I looked up at the sky, hoping that it would appear as pretty and vivacious as ever.

- Why is the moon pale and getting small? Felicia asked her mother one night. - Isn't he happy?

Felicia's mother looked up at the sky and said:

- The moon goes through different phases, now it will be in the last quarter, so it looks smaller, in a while it will regain its color and it will look full.

But Felicia kept looking worried at the sky, feeling that something was wrong.

Days passed and the moon disappeared from the sky as if by magic.

- Mom, Mom! The moon has disappeared from the sky - Felicia shouted scared,

Her mother reassured her:

- Felicia, don't worry, the moon is in the new moon phase, that's why you can't see it, it will soon appear radiant in the sky.

But despite her mother's words, Felicia kept thinking that something strange was happening to the moon.

A week passed and the moon did not rise due to the girl's concern.

"Mom, the moon won't come back," Felicia said on the point of crying.

His mother looked up at the sky and, indeed, the moon, which should have been in the first quarter, was not growing and was barely visible in the sky.

Mother and daughter each night, in complete darkness, looked up at the sky, waiting for the moon to appear again.

One night, Felicia, leaning out of her bedroom window, began to hum a song and she seemed to see that the moon had thrown a small flash.

The next day, Felicia told her friends what was happening and, together, they began to sing a beautiful melody when it began to get dark.

That night the moon made small flashes brighter than the day before.

Seeing that the moon seemed to come back to life with its songs, Felicia and all her friends decided to form a nice choir with all the children in the neighborhood.

Night after night, the children, with their guitars, violins, bandurrias, flutes and all kinds of musical instruments gathered in the garden of Felicia's house and, looking up at the sky, they sang and played happy songs to the moon that, little little by little, she recovered her color until she looked full of life and color.

- Finally the moon is happy! - Felicia yelled to everyone with tears in her eyes.

They never knew what happened to the moon, but with their happy songs the children made her feel loved, forget her sadness and look radiant again.

Since that day, the grateful moon winks at all the children when they look at her.

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