How to reinforce students in a positive way

How to reinforce students in a positive way

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As with their parents at home, children have their teachers as a reference in the classroom. The little ones perceive from their teachers what they do and what they say. In this way, they tend to imitate them in all respects. For example, the way of relating, the attitude towards life, the value system, etc.

For this reason, it is important that when teaching, teachers show coherence between what they demand of children and what they do themselves so that children can learn. That is to say, Teachers have to keep in mind that there must be a correspondence between what they teach and how they behave.

Teachers have to find an appropriate educational model in which the self-esteem of their students can be promoted where the child feels respected, accepted and in which they appreciate their ability to solve problems independently. We tell you how they can reinforce children in a positive way.

When a teacher seeks to reinforce students in a positive way, it is recommended that instead of limiting themselves to highlighting their mistakes, punishing or scolding the child for what they do wrong, the positive behaviors and actions that the child performs should be highlighted and valued to perpetuate them and that they are repeated in the future.

Thanks to this positive reinforcement, students are able to consolidate knowledge, stimulate their effort, be more receptive, are more motivated and increase their self-esteem.

For this, the teacher can effectively stimulate the positive behaviors of the students:

- Different stimuli for different students. It is important that when preparing the classes the theory of multiple intelligences is taken into account. Each child is different and their way of learning differs with respect to the type of intelligence that has more developed.

- Work together with the family. Thanks to this, the quality of the education offered to the child improves significantly.

- Give immediate answers. When children achieve certain achievements or act positively, teachers should encourage their efforts during the process or immediately afterwards. If a long period of time passes since the child's positive action, the effectiveness of stimulation may be lost. This can be done with phrases like: How well are you working?

- Generate adequate expectations of achievement and make it easier for the minor to feel accepted It will allow the child to have a positive image of himself.

- Use techniques such as "the green pen". It is a technique that became very famous on the internet. It is very simple and effective. It consists of marking the successes with the green pen, instead of crossing out the failures in exams or tests with red. Thanks to this, it is avoided to focus students' attention on mistakes, helping them to focus on what they do well to be able to repeat it in the future.

- Create good weather. Teachers need to create a warm and welcoming environment where children feel safe and where their needs are met.

To carry out positive reinforcement for their students, teachers have different types of stimuli and reinforcers that they can use. Among them:

- Physical. These are: prizes, gifts, being the best grade in class, etc. All of them based on an extrinsic motivation. They cannot be abused as they create dependency and can deviate into unhealthy competition between students and even create bullying.

- Social. These are based on verbal stimuli such as congratulations, on physical contact such as patting, and on facial expressions such as gestures and smiles.

- Feedback. When the child performs the activity, it is gratifying for him to be praised for how he performs it.

- Use preferred activities. Knowing the children's tastes, use the activities that they like the most to stimulate them.

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