Fluoride during pregnancy

Fluoride during pregnancy

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The hormonal changes that women experience during pregnancy can not only alter their skin, their hair ... they can also cause alterations in the enamel of the teeth. A deficient supply of fluoride during this stage can cause tooth decay, apart from the fact that fluoride during pregnancy it is also important for the mother's bones.

Fluorine, together with calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, is a micro mineral that, by containing antibacterial agents, serves to protect and strengthen the mother's dental and bone structure, as well as the future offspring. Their contribution during pregnancy is essential to avoid deficiencies in both the mother's body and that of the expecting baby.

It should be taken into account that the dental development of the baby begins from the first month of pregnancy. For this contribution to be assured, a good diet containing fluoride is the best way to prevent cavities as well as some oral diseases during pregnancy. It is recommended that, at this stage, women consume:

- Drinking water and tea.

- Fish and shellfish.

- Some vegetables: spinach, cauliflower, tomato, asparagus, etc.

- Some fruits: grapes, plums.

- Some cereals: wheat, rice.

Apart from a rich diet, it is advisable for women to use fluoridated toothpastes to clean their teeth. It is true that during the first months of pregnancy, toothbrushing usually causes nausea, causing many women to neglect oral hygiene, which favors the appearance of cavities. Even so, it is very important that women continue brushing their teeth, even without toothpaste.

The contribution of small amounts of fluoride, which should not exceed 3 mg a day, will make the woman have more resistant teeth. Excess fluoride is very toxic and can cause Fluorosis, which causes the opposite effect since it weakens the enamel (causing more cavities) and weakens the bones (more decalcification and osteoporosis). Too much fluoride can discolor or stain teeth forever.

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