The bunnies and the snowman. Children's poems about winter

The bunnies and the snowman. Children's poems about winter

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What happens in winter? What kind of clothes do we wear? What are the landscapes like in this season of the year? On our site we suggest you read this children's poem about winter with your children and explain in this way the changes that occur and what things happen.

Poems like this one by Marisa Alonso Santamaría are a great resource for talking to children about nature and the environment. A poetry to learn while playing.

Among the snowflakes

some bunnies play,

and since it is very cold

They come out very warm.

They wear scarves and gloves, ´

colored wellies,

wool sweaters, sheepskin,

and hats with pompoms.

They jump leaving their footprints

running across the meadow,

And when the sun goes down

they return to the burrow.

They dream that they make a doll

with a cane and a hat,

carrot nose

and some leather shoes.

It must have been a pixie

or with his wand a fairy,

but when it dawned

the doll next to it was.

It sure was magic

the bunnies thought,

and they all played together

skipping through the snow.

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