The thief of stories. A children's story about people being taken advantage of

The thief of stories. A children's story about people being taken advantage of

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How do we feel if they use our ideas without permission? What should we do in front of the exploited people? How to teach children to defend themselves from unscrupulous people?

The story thief is a children's story that tries to explain to children that there are people who do not have good behavior and that behavior can cause us pain or sadness. Throughout history, we will find people who will try to take advantage of our effort, and for them there is only one attitude. Find out, in this children's story about bad behavior, what we have to do with those who try to take advantage of us.

In the world of letters, everyone had fun. It was a world of writers where each person was responsible for their letters, their words and their sentences feeling very happy.

Each one freely chose the letters they wanted, with those letters they formed words, with the words they formed sentences and, with all of them, they created beautiful stories so that they could recreate themselves by reading all the others.

One day someone raised the alarm that there was a thief who used to steal letters from others indiscriminately. Later they realized that, in addition, he appropriated the words, sentences and stories of everyone he could and on top of that he bragged about how well he had done without any shame.

Such was the arrogance of the thief that, in the world of letters, they began to look at each other without really knowing what to do. Having proven their theft, they decided to join forces and took turns to catch the robber by watching in stages. The thief was singled out for his misconduct and, despite the fact that all his plagiarism was marked with a large black blur so that everyone was aware of how he was acting, he went on and on making excuses to keep stealing letters and continue appropriating the stories of the others threatening all maliciously.

By showing no repentance, the inhabitants of the world of letters determined to throw him out of there without contemplation.

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