Nests with chicks. Fun trompe l'oeil recipes for kids

Nests with chicks. Fun trompe l'oeil recipes for kids

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One of the strengths of the so-called creative cuisine is the presentation of the dishes, which on many occasions can resemble fun crafts. It just takes a little imagination to make a menu of this style at home.

From our site, we show you step by step, how transform a pasta dish with tomato and minced meat, into nests with chicks inside. It is a complete nutrient-level dish for your children, and we assure you that preparing it is easier than you imagine. A fun trompe l'oeil recipe for children.

  • Fried tomato or crushed natural.
  • A packet of meatballs.
  • A packet of tagliatelle.
  • A small carrot.
  • A slice of cheese.

1. Fry the meatballs in a frying pan until golden brown. We remove and let drain on a plate with kitchen paper. We booked.

2. In a pot, cook the pasta for the time indicated by the manufacturer. Don't forget to add a pinch of salt and a dash of oil. We strain the pasta and reserve.

3. To make the chicks, we start by peeling a carrot; cut a very thin slice and cut it in half. This will be the crest. To place the crest, we will make a cut in the upper part of the meatball and we will embed it. To make the eyes of the chicks, we have cut two circles of cheese that will stick together thanks to the heat that the meatball still gives off. (If not, you can help stick them with a little tomato). And the chick's beak, we have done it by embedding a piece of carrot in the same way as the crest.

4. To make the nests, we have used a cup of coffee, which we have been filling with the tagliatelle in the form of circles. To assemble the plate, first we pour the tomato, which must be hot. (It is preferable to use a deep plate) Next, we turn the cup over the tomato to place the nests; and finally, we carefully deposit the chicks. You can finish the decoration with some spinach leaves.

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