What to do if my child is overweight

What to do if my child is overweight

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It has been shown that a high percentage of children who are overweight is due to the fact that they develop in an obesogenic environment, this means that they generally have parents with excess weight problems, a sedentary lifestyle, in addition to having at their disposal processed foods high in sugar, fat, and salt. What to do if my child is overweight? What diet is the most suitable?

- First you must know the eating habits at a family levelIf the parents consume unhealthy food, it is necessary to do food reeducation, since the example of the parents is the first step to solve the problem of overweight in the child.

- Remove all processed products from the refrigerator and pantry rich in sugars and poor quality fats (ice cream, cookies, sweets, sugary soft drinks).

- Choosing high fiber foods (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, legumes, fruits and vegetables), these foods not only improve intestinal transit but are also highly satiating foods which will allow the child not to be hungry in the later hours. To achieve this change you can alternate foods with or without fiber, for example brown rice and / or white rice.

- No need to switch from whole dairy to skim dairy, the most important thing is that the child can consume it throughout the day and mix them with other nutritious foods, for example whole wheat bread with cheese, milk shake with banana, etc.

- Plan mealsIf it is a child who wants to eat at all hours of the day, in this situation it will be important to define meal times so that a routine is generated, this will allow the child not to be thinking all day about eating and allocate the time to do other types of activities such as reading, playing or playing sports.

- In case the child has anxiety and cannot manage it properly, it is importantkeep healthy food on hand (fruits, nuts, dried fruits, some yogurt, etc), as well as incorporating activities to divert attention.

- Reserve sugary or snack foods for special situations such as birthdays, family events, events with friends, and / or also for some day of the week that is included in your weekly menu planning.

- Try to make sure that in the weekly menu of the child there is a80% healthy food (fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, dairy) and 20% of unhealthy foods (sweets, chips, soft drinks or sugary juices, etc.)

- Do not use food as a reward and / or punishment, example: "as you got a good grade you deserve an ice cream"; "Since you behaved badly during the day, you don't have dinner at night." Food provides us with nutrients and does not have to be related to the child's behavior throughout the day.

- Motivate the child to move more, take him more to the park, choose a sport or activity that he likes and that he can do with his friends, in this way he will have fun and it will not be another goal to achieve for weight loss.

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