How to avoid heat loss in the newborn baby

How to avoid heat loss in the newborn baby

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As soon as babies are born they experience considerable heat loss, and this is exacerbated in the case of premature babies. At such times, maintaining your body heat is essential for your survival.

Inside the womb the child acquires a thin film of fat around some of the most vital organs such as the thorax, or the kidneys. This adipose tissue called "brown fat" is the reserves that it uses to try to conserve body heat; however, they quickly wear out from the stress of cold and are never replenished again. How can we avoid heat loss in the newborn baby?

Heat loss is more pronounced the younger the child, especially in premature infants, who have not yet managed to store enough fat at birth.

An important factor that causes the loss of body heat is the thin skin that covers them, along with the inability, during the first days after birth, to adequately regulate body heat, as their metabolic system is very immature.

For these reasons, it is essential, during their first days of life, that, in the hospital and later we at home, we take great care with their body heat, hence the typical mania of mothers who tuck their newborns even though it is hot. abroad.

1- Maintain a environment between 24 and 27 degrees at home.

2- Encourage skin-to-skin contact with parents.

3- Tuck him in during the coldest months, and in the hot months, put a little sheet over him, to avoid losing his body heat.

4- Put a hat on head, a place where more heat is lost.

5- Put the bath water at the same temperature as the body, that is, about 36 degrees and dry it quickly with a towel.

6- Avoid putting it near drafts, air conditioners, doors, windows, and radiant heaters.

7- Do not put the child on cold surfaces like the metal weight or changing table, without a cover underneath.

8- Quickly dress the child after bathing or diaper changes.

9- Be careful not to cover them too much, especially in hot months, as it can cause hyperthermia, which is an excess of body heat, which also has consequences.

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