Animation about the time of delivery

Animation about the time of delivery

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Some pregnant women are unaware of the benefits of a vaginal or natural delivery for both the mother and the unborn baby. In addition to freeing the woman from surgery and the risks involved, as well as stitches and a slower and longer recovery from childbirth, she will be able to participate and assist in the delivery.

In this 3D animation video, we can see the images of the moment when a baby is born, the step by step of the labor of a natural birth. An incredible video especially recommended for women who are about to give birth. In this video you can see through a 3D animation how a natural birth occurs.

  1. The woman feels more involved and participates in the birth and thus can help with the doctor and nurses, in the birth of her baby, even if she is giving her epidural anesthesia.
  2. Women are less at risk. You lose half as much blood as in a cesarean delivery and the chances of uterine infection are smaller
  3. In a natural delivery, the placenta receives more oxygen and the blood sugar levels are more adequate.
  4. The woman will be able to hold her baby in her arms as soon as she finishes labor. If you do a cesarean, you will have to wait to wake up to see your baby.
  5. The recovery time of a woman in a natural birth is much shorter (3 days at most) than in a cesarean delivery that usually takes at least 5 days
  6. Vaginal delivery presents less risk of infection than cesarean delivery, due to the surgical cut.
  1. When the baby comes out of the birth canal, it is filled with all the bacteria from its mother and these will help strengthen her immune system.
  2. In a natural birth, the baby sheds all the fluid from the lungs.
  3. The baby receives better oxygenation. In a cesarean delivery the baby may be at increased risk of respiratory failure.
  4. During a vaginal delivery, the baby generates hormones, such as adrenaline, that will keep it on alert when it is born. Hormones provide energy and heat.
  5. When the baby is born they usually put him immediately in contact and in the arms of his mother. This will strengthen the affective bond and milk production.

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Video: What Giving Birth Feels Like (May 2022).


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