The importance of dating your partner without children

The importance of dating your partner without children

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As a journalist specializing in tourism, I have spent more than 15 years traveling the world. It is on one of those trips that I met my husband, a photographer also specialized in tourism, so together we have been fortunate to travel part of the geography of the planet.

When we had children I decided to relegate my work to the background in order to take care of them, staying out of the small world of traveling reporters, and dedicating all my efforts to what life put me ahead: my twins. Nevertheless, I found a way to go out as a couple without children.

It was one of the best choices of my life, but there are times when I miss those fantastic trips photographing sunrises. So, shortly after the girls were six months old, We decided that having children was not going to mean the end of our wonderful travels. We were aware of the importance of dating without children.

The first thing was to look for someone trustworthy to be able to leave two girls so young, but we were very lucky because the truth is that we did not lack godparents who wanted to stay with them for a few days, despite the great work they still gave.

The winner of the draw was my mother, who was delighted with a gigantic bag full of bottles, diapers, pajamas, powdered milk, butt cream, pacifiers ... as well as two beautiful lactating girls who agreed to cry on the hour to eat.

We left with a little remorse of conscience, but the truth is that the recent motherhood had left us both very tired and hardly able to enjoy each other for a long time. So we say goodbye to them and face it as a couples therapy in which we can meet again.

The place was the least of it, but it was wonderful in every way. We met again like two lovers, we went back to living for a few days free of responsibilities and with no other distraction than being with each other. We decided not to call home to check on the girls more than once a day, although of course we were contactable in case there was any unforeseen event.

We enjoyed our little trip, not too far, as if it were our first, and we decided that this had to go on a trip without children, at least twice a year.

When we returned, contrary to what we thought, my mother was very happy and not at all stressed with her new stage as a grandmother of multiples. He had managed perfectly, and that we had our doubtsBut she had also enjoyed every minute she spent with her granddaughters.

Since then we continue escaping from time to time to meet again as two lovers. We only call once a day to ask how they are, and my daughters look forward to those days when they spend a little vacation at their grandmother's house, who takes them to the movies, makes them the food they like and pampers them. everything they want, which, as my mother says: what are grandmothers for if not to spoil grandchildren?

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