The 5 most frequent questions to the midwife in pregnancy

The 5 most frequent questions to the midwife in pregnancy

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I have been accompanying women for several years in stages of their lives as important as pregnancy. Both in maternal education / childbirth classes, and in individualized consultations, there is usually a series of questions that are repeated, which coincide regardless of the future mother's age, as well as the studies she may have, even if she has already had more children. In this blog I am going to share with you which are the 5 most frequent questions to the midwife in pregnancy.

I usually do sports, can I continue doing it?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions to the midwife in pregnancy. Sport is a practice that we recommend during pregnancy, in a moderate way. The benefits are known, it increases maternal well-being since we release endorphins, it helps us control weight, we reduce stress ... However, each activity should be evaluated by a specialist, especially those considered high impact (aerobics, running ... .).

Swimming, walking, stationary cycling are considered safe and recommended as aerobic training. And to more specifically prepare the pelvis for childbirth, and reduce the discomfort associated with pregnancy, yoga, Pilates and belly dancing; always guided by professionals who know about maternity.

Since I am pregnant I have a lot of mood swings, is it normal?

The changes in mood and anxiety are produced both by the great hormonal cocktail that intoxicates the pregnancy, as well as by all the concerns that may arise in the face of the development of pregnancy, childbirth, our change of role (going from being a woman to mother-woman ...).

Some emotional lability is considered normal, do not worry excessively; But anxiety should be worked on in maternity education classes, where, to a large extent, midwives try to banish women's doubts and fears.

Will I know how to recognize that I am in labor?

Another of the most frequently asked questions to the midwife in pregnancy is addressed at the time of delivery. Except in very rare exceptions, labor contractions are painful. I assure you that labor contractions are recognized: they are rhythmic, they do not give way with rest, they repeat every 3-4 minutes and they are all painful (we cannot speak or do anything during the contraction, except breathe and move our pelvis). When a woman is in active labor it is known, without a doubt.

Can I have sex while pregnant?

Sex is considered safe for mother and baby in all low-risk pregnancies (most are). A healthy intimate relationship is considered healthy for life as a couple, but we must not forget that sex is not only limited to intercourse, there are caresses, kisses, hugs, beautiful words; although intercourse is not discouraged. This will strengthen the relationship between you.

I have a birth panic.Can I have a cesarean section?

Currently in Spain it is not contemplated that it is the woman who chooses the way of giving birth; since scientific evidence indicates that cesarean section, which is a major surgical intervention, has more risks for the mother and baby than vaginal delivery.

This is always the choice, except for medical indications or emergencies that do not leave the option of having a delivery. Fears and fears must always be worked on together with the person who is going to accompany the mother at the time of delivery, since it is very important and reassuring for the woman to feel safe next to someone she trust, who has accompanied her in the whole process.

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