The turtle flees. Children's poem to learn the months of the year

The turtle flees. Children's poem to learn the months of the year

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Children have a hard time learning the concept of time, so they can make a big mess with hours, days, weeks, months and years. So that they can learn the months of the year, we propose a much more fun alternative than simple memorization.

Through this children's poem, Escape the turtle, your children can learn the months of the year playing. It is a didactic poem by Marisa Alonso Santamaría that teaches children the name of 12 months.

Read with your children this children's poem so they can learn the months of the year. Through the history of Huga, the turtle, they will know each name of each month and the most notable characteristic of that month. It will be very fun!

got lost one night,

one day in january

playing in the forest

Within a few days

found a hat,

and without realizing it,

met February.

Got muddy

falling into a puddle,

and the frog croaked

that were in March.

When he washed,

he left there,

it rained on the way,

it was already in April.

A long path

full of colors,

took her until May,

the month of flowers.

The sun squeezed

In the month of June,

bathed in the river

in July.

Got in the shade

in August,

and despite everything

his face was burned.

Entering September

Huga the turtle

in carpet of leaves

slept with caterpillars.

In the month of october

like the snail,

got deep inside

of the shell.

I was lost

still in november,

sing carols

heard in December.

Found the turtle

your forest in January,

and it was lost

a whole year.

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Like everything else on May 23 of each year, the American Tortoise Rescue celebrates the World Turtle Day with the purpose of drawing attention to the turtles, one of the oldest creatures in the world.

Sea turtles are a vertebrate reptile, very agile in water but very slow on land. They are true ocean travelers. The females return to the beaches where they were born to spawn, while the males remain in the water.

The extinction of turtles It is a great concern for scientists since these animals that have been on our planet for about 200 million years. Turtles are rapidly disappearing, thanks to the exotic food industry, habitat destruction, pollution from trash being dumped, and the pet trade. Of the 6 species of sea turtles that exist, six are threatened with extinction. In addition, they are involved in dangers such as:

  • Plastics thrown into the sea, catch them and suffocate them
  • Pollution by organic, inorganic and other substances kills them
  • Out-of-size catches and breeding season for consumption
  • Destruction of their nests
  • Using its shell in crafts
  • Use of vehicles on the sand of the beach in times of spawning.

We have to teach children to have respect for turtles and how we can prevent them from disappearing from Earth.

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