When to cut the baby's umbilical cord

When to cut the baby's umbilical cord

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One of the last stages of labor happens after the baby is born when the gynecologist or midwife cuts the baby's umbilical cord. For centuries, this has been done immediately after the baby has left the womb.

However, this practice is currently being reviewed as it is believed that the early clamping of the umbilical cord It can put the baby at risk, since it can cause an iron deficiency in his body.

I have to confess that in neither of my two deliveries, I could see my children's umbilical cord cut. In both moments, you have to lie down to catch air and rest after long and painful labor. But immediately they cut their umbilical cord and put my children on top of me so that I could see them and kiss them. When it was all over, I did ask to see the placenta with the remaining end of the cord. After all, it had been my children's home for the last 9 1/2 months.

The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that early clamping of the umbilical cord is generally performed in the first 60 seconds after delivery, While late clamping is known as one that is performed at least one minute after delivery or when the pulsations of the cord have stopped.

There is increasing evidence and studies that saylate clamping is good for the baby, as it increases your iron level, even up to six months of life. This is very important for babies in less developed countries where they have less access to foods rich in iron and are at higher risk of anemia.

In Great Britain Current protocols are being reviewed, according to the National Institute for Health (NICE), since leaving the newborn with an umbilical cord for a few minutes helps all the blood present in it to be transferred. Some hospitals already do this, although in most cases the old system of cutting the cord immediately is still practiced.

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