10 ideas to connect with your baby

10 ideas to connect with your baby

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Join, link, establish communication, start a relationship ..., in short, connect. This is what we do since our baby is born: we try to connect with him in order to understand him, attend to his needs, convey affection, feed him, take care of him and make him feel protected.

And it is that establishing a deep connection with the baby from the first stages of its growth is essential to transmit all the necessary security and confidence and, above all, to make it grow up happy.

How to connect with the baby? Every day is full of small and large actions that establish a bond with the baby and connect us with him:

1- Meet your demands As often as necessary, whether that's calming him down because he's crying, feeding him if he's hungry, changing him if he's spotted, or singing to him to relax him.

2- Rock him: Babies cry for different causes. If you take him in your arms and gently rock him to calm him, it will help him relax and feel calmer.

3- Physical contact: caresses, kisses and hugs connect us with our baby and initiate fundamental stimuli for a future relationship.

4- The communication: a baby does not understand what we say but does understand the tone of voice, the look, a smile. It is another form of gestural communication that connects us with him.

5- Sing to him: It is not necessary to know how to do it, just whisper a lullaby so that he can relax and sleep or sit him on our lap and sing children's songs to amuse and entertain him.

6- Read himSitting the baby next to us or laying him down in his crib and showing him a storybook while we read it will help him learn to speak, stimulate his taste for reading and create a unique moment between the two of you.

7- Carry the baby or put him close to the body, in constant physical contact, where he can feel your heartbeat, the warmth of your skin and you his. It is a unique connection.

8- Give him a massage: it is necessary to find the right moment but it is an instant of communication with the baby in which security, tranquility, tenderness, love are transmitted ...

9- Breastfeed: it is a very important moment of connection between mother and baby. Experts agree that breastfeeding helps bond with the baby.

10- BathtimeBathing stimulates baby's senses, relaxes him and, as he grows, amuses him. While you hold him you can establish a visual connection, you can talk to him, play with the sponge and make the water fall on his body.

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