Things that only fathers and mothers of sons understand

Things that only fathers and mothers of sons understand

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As a mother of 3 sons, and a person who usually observes, analyzes and asks a lot (the profession rules), I have been able to see how, despite the fact that each boy and each girl is different, there are certain attitudes and ways of doing things. things that are usually common in children.

Sometimes because biology rules and in others, perhaps because tradition rules. The truth is that for sure Only you will understand these things if you are also a mother or father of male children.

1. Children know the differences of each type of construction vehicle. You will learn without realizing the names some that you did not know, such as the backhoe or the motor grader.

2. Male children can lie on the floor with a car in your hands and let the hours go by As they move the stroller back and forth like there's no tomorrow Sometimes they can build a circuit but, ultimately, they just need to have a car in their hands to entertain themselves.

3. They will not have pants that do not have knee pads or patches, they will always break them in the same place. You'll ask them if they walk on their knees at recess, and they'll swear they just played a little soccer game.

4. You find lego pieces under the bed, in the pencil box, on the tables, in the corners of the couch, in the washing machine and in your own bag. You threaten to throw them over 200 times if they don't pick them up, but in the end, you keep them for them so they can build those constructions that they love so much.

5. You sit regularly on a toilet bowl soaked with pee. You tirelessly ask for the lid to be lifted and when you finally get it, you go at night in the dark to pee and ... what will happen? You almost sneaked into the toilet because the lid was off.

6. How many times have you had to tell your child that take his hands out of his pants? Whether you're watching TV, reading a story, or doing a math exercise ... it's like a magnet!

7. Male children are simply ... shoots. They do not think twice if they have to get into a field full of nettles, they think that playing fights is the most fun in the world, they die laughing with the themes of farts and burps and any object can become a lightsaber or a submachine gun.

8. You ask thempee before leaving home but ... coincidences of life only make them want when they see a little tree in the street.

9. They wantopen that old radio, see the guts of electronic toys, take tools and fix anything, separate objects and put them back together.

10. Wearing disheveled hair, a shirt full of blots or a mouth full of chocolate, they are minutiae. The important thing is to be able to jump with the bicycle a ramp, climb the highest branch of a tree or defy the law of gravity on a swing.

Children can be rough, noisy, they can jump without rest, always looking for an occupation, overflowing with energy, they don't care about dirt, cold or heat, but yes, they are also sensitive, affectionate and tender.

They like hugs and caresses, they will not confess it to their friends but they love that you keep saying those beautiful words before going to sleep and even if they run at school before you give them a kiss and a hug, at home alone, they will tell you how much they love you

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