Superfetation. Getting pregnant in pregnancy

Superfetation. Getting pregnant in pregnancy

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It is not the most common, but the superfetation exists, although the word sounds strange. It is nothing other than the fertilization of two eggs by two different spermand with a few weeks of difference. That is, the woman becomes pregnant while already pregnant.

The superfetation is common in animals such as sheep, horses or rodents, but in humans there are exceptional cases. The woman will have twins but of different gestational ages, since the pregnancies occurred at different times. The most normal thing in these cases is that the siblings are two or three weeks apart.

But why does this happen? This is an error of reproductive block. When a woman becomes pregnant, the body blocks the ovaries from maturing any more eggs (hence the lack of menstruation during pregnancy). But if an error occurs and that order is no longer given, a new egg can be released and fertilized again. If the embryo manages to settle in the uterus (already occupied by another embryo), it gives rise to superfetation. It has been proven that in almost all cases of superfetation, fertility or assisted reproduction treatment had been started.

The gynecologist will realize that a superfetation has occurred by checking the difference in size and gestational age of the embryos. However, pregnancy develops just like any multiple pregnancy. What will the delivery of the superfeta be like? Just like any other multiple births. It can be natural or by cesarean section. The only requirement is that the two babies are born at the same time. Normally in these cases the delivery is usually provoked. The gynecologist chooses the date depending on the maturation of the smaller twin, since he can be born premature if he takes a long time with his brother.

You may be reading this and thinking, but it is what happened to me! Surely you had a multiple pregnancy, although the embryos also had different gestational ages.

In the superfetation, fertilized eggs come from different menstrual cycles. In multiple pregnancy, they are eggs that belong to the same menstrual cycle. In the latter case, a superfertilization occurs.

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