Doing household chores is good for your children's development

Doing household chores is good for your children's development

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Science says it, experience confirms it. Doing chores at home is good for your children's development. The most extensive study on happiness that has been carried out is the Harvard Grant Study, which took place over 75 years, beginning in 1938. The researchers found that the two elements that most influence when determining whether a person is happy or unhappy , are love and ethical work.

And how is the love of ethical work taught? At home, from a very young age, doing small tasks. Collaborate in the housework, therefore, help the development of the child.

This concept is developed by Julie Lythcott-Haims in one of the lectures she gave at the TedX event. She is also the author of the book "How to raise an Adult" and fervently insists that parents should ask children to do small tasks at home since they are trained even if they do not do them very well. This is essential, because we cannot go behind them to correct them.

If they begin to do household chores frequently, they will develop more and more practice and do better. But if we stretch the bed after they do it, to make it better, always they will do it reluctantly knowing that someone will later correct it.

Housework is part of life, and they will feel more part of the family if they collaborate in the flow of it, and also will not feel the kings that must be taken care of. It is very easy for them to become little tyrants if we serve them and they do not collaborate minimally. From loading the supermarket bag, throwing out the trash, sorting clean clothes, picking up or setting the table.

In addition to doing, increases self-esteem, because we begin to incorporate that we are all valuable and important to the planet and what is more important, that our life depends on what we do. It is not, of course, about demanding them 24 hours a day, but it is about giving them small responsibilities and to be consistent over time, so that they acquire healthy habits that will only benefit them.

Do what children be happy is not giving them everything they ask for, or avoid frustrations. It is also demanding from them, making them trust themselves and enjoying the tasks that their jobs or their own endeavors bring them.

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