Creative dishes with pancakes or pancakes for children

Creative dishes with pancakes or pancakes for children

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A fun snack or breakfast with crepes and pancakes for the kids


We can make this cute little bear with a large circular pancake for the face, two medium circles for the ears and a smaller one for the nose. We make the legs with 2 ovals and complement with a heart-shaped strawberry. Finally we add 2 blackberries to make the eyes, one for the nose and a little liquid chocolate for the mouth.

To make this crepe in the shape of a rabbit and heart balloons, you will only need tangerine, strawberry, kiwi and blackberries. For the details of the mouth and the threads of the balloons you can use a little liquid chocolate. Your children will surely love it!

Without a doubt one of our favorites! To make this crepe in the shape of a rooster and an egg you will only need 3 fruits: strawberry, blackberry and yellow kiwi. Ideal for children to have a light and healthy snack.

This pancake is decorated with a cat made with cheese, licorice, strawberries, banana, blackberry and chocolate. A very fun recipe for children How delicious!

Use your creativity to the fullest! Create these owl-shaped pancakes by cutting a few pieces of strawberry for the wings and nose, to make the feathers, place a few almonds on the bottom of the pancake and finally add slices of banana and blackberries for the eyes.

With strawberry, apple, blackberries, a lemon wedge and condensed milk you can create a pancake in the shape of a spaceship. Super easy to prepare and best of all, very healthy!

Make this fun recipe with your children, creating with a pancake the body of the crab, the claws, cheeks and mouth with an apple, the eyes with banana and blackberries, and the legs with pretzel sticks. Delicious!

To make this puppy pancake, cut a heart-shaped slice of cheese to make the mouth, split two banana slices and place two blackberries cut in half on each one; for the tongue you need a slice of strawberry and the nose can be made with a blackberry. In this presentation the ears are made of waffle, but you can also use 2 pancake ovals to make them.

Strawberry, kiwi and blackberry are the ingredients you will need to create these nutritious crepes for your children. What better than to enjoy snack time with a recipe as fun as this one!

Girls will surely enjoy this original recipe a lot. To make this kitten, place a pancake in the center of the plate, then cut another in the shape of strips for her whiskers and two small triangles and two large ones for her ears, placing the smaller ones on top of the larger ones. Finally you will only need two blackberries to make his eyes and a grape for his nose.

This delicious flower is made with fried banana, strawberry, grape, blackberry and chocolate. Place around the pancake the fried banana to make the petals, the eyes can also be made with banana and blackberries, the nose with grapes and the cheeks with strawberry. The funny touch will be given by a smiling mouth and eyebrows made with liquid chocolate.

Surprise your children with this sun made with strawberries, blackberry and chocolate. To make the rays, you only need to place strawberry slices around the pancake, you can make the mouth with blackberries and finally add two chocolate balls for the eyes.

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