Diet and acne in adolescents

Diet and acne in adolescents

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In recent years, several studies have been published in which the possible relationship between eating during adolescence and acne breakouts has been revealed. Most of these studies are observational, so the results cannot be considered completely conclusive, but they may point in the right direction.

Although diet may not be the direct cause of acne, modifying certain dietary habits can help smooth out breakouts.

1- Recent research points to the sugar. The sudden change in sugar levels can be key in the appearance of acne breakouts. In fact, the increase in blood sugar stimulates the secretion of insulin and it is this that seems to cause an increase in fat cells that can clog the pores of the skin and even stimulate the functioning of the sebum glands.

In this way, the change in the type of carbohydrates ingested, from those from refined cereals to those made from whole grains, that is, whole grains, accompanied by a variety of fruits and vegetables, and lean meats, can help to experiment an improvement in acne breakouts. It is about avoiding not only refined grains, but also simple sugars or what are known as fast-absorbing carbohydratesas they stimulate insulin production immediately and increase blood glucose rapidly instead of gradually releasing it.

Along the same lines, Diets with a high glycemic index increase the risk of acne. In particular, a high-protein, low-glycemic diet has had improvement results of up to 50% in male adolescent acne breakouts.

2- The Cow milk is another of the foods that seems to increase the prevalence and severity of acne breakouts.

3- the chocolate It is one of the foods that has always had a bad reputation and has been associated with acne breakouts in adolescence. Although a direct relationship has not been shown, it has been observed that chocolate can promote inflammation and facilitate bacterial infections, aggravating outbreaks, so it is advisable to check if a diet absent of chocolate improves symptoms.

- Water is one of the foods that can be considered as allies when it comes to fighting acne. Water allows the elimination of toxins, which, although not directly related to acne, can aggravate breakouts.

- In the same way, fish and nuts, and specifically the omega 3 fatty acids they contain, can control the production of leukotrienes, substances that are directly related to the production of sebum and inflammation.

Although it is clear that changes in eating habits will not achieve clean skin, nothing is lost by changing them, since none of the suggested modifications is far from what can be considered a healthy and balanced diet.

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